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Do you experience the embarrassing situation where you pee a bit when you cough or sneeze?


Are you running to the bathroom to pee all the time?


Are you experiencing pain during intercourse? Do you live with chronic pelvic floor pain?


Do you have chronic low back and hip pain that you cannot seem to improve?


Aging and hormonal changes do not mean that your pelvic floor will automatically become dysfunctional.


Are you running to the bathroom to pee all the time?


You can have it all!


Have you recently had a baby and now feel you have a lifetime membership to the “Pee Club”?

The Coochball Science with

Jana Danielson

Inventor: Cooch & Gooch Balls
Founder: Lead Pilates & Lead Integrated Health Therapies
Founder: Metta Disctrict Online Studio
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“Our pelvic floor is a group of muscles. Just like other muscles in our body, they need to know how to rest and how to work. Because we can’t actually ‘see’ our pelvic floor muscles, we often forget they exist until they start to not work properly.”

Click below to view the scientific studies that inspired the cooch ball invention.

“Would you invest 3 minutes a day to improve the function of a special group of muscles in your body that would enhance your sensual pleasure and at the same time increase your personal confidence??”
~Jana Danielson

Amazing Coochball Results..

I was having a lot of lower back pain that was making it very difficult for me to sit for long periods of time, getting in and out of my vehicle, attending my regular workout classes. After attending several Chiropractic, massage, reflexology and acupuncture appts and trying to stretch the area on my own, it was not until I began using the Cooch ball that I discovered a relief and balance in my pelvic area that I hadn't had for three weeks. Since using the Cooch ball beginning in November of 2019 I have had no lower back pain and free movement again.
Treena S​
I have noticed a significant difference in my body. The pain in my back has decreased and the mobility has increased. Muscles in my back that were not firing at all when we started this process are now engaged and I can feel a difference in the core control I have in classes. Since I’ve been doing this work, bladder control is easier, there seems to be less urgently holding it, and it empties more completely – the whole system seems to be working more efficiently.
Jen W​
I damaged one of my hips badly about 15 years ago and since then my core and pelvis have worked hard to compensate for the injury, but this has caused other issues, especially with my pelvic floor. I've been using the Cooch ball daily for at least 3 minutes for a month and the pain in my hips has drastically reduced. The tightness that I felt in my hip joints and pelvis has also all but disappeared. The rush of warmth and relaxation that I feel when I come off of the ball each night is such a wonderful feeling and it's made a positive effect on my overall stress and muscle tension as well.
Jen G​
A Special Testimonial with

Debra Poneman

The Coochball is my favourite personal care device!

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Join 1000's Who Are Experiencing These Results...

I started to use the Cooch Ball more from a pelvic floor health perspective as I was not experiencing any pelvic floor pain or incontinence. What I realized after using the ball for 3 minutes a day for about a month was that I was moving easier, my hips have more range of movement, my legs are stronger - everything is just stronger!
Barb K​
For the past 8 years I have been struggling with a major pelvic floor prolapse. My Dr recommended surgery. But thanks to using the Cooch Ball for 3 minutes a day and then adding Pilates from the Metta District 30 Session Challenge, I am officially prolapse free.
Barb B​
From time to time I am woken in the night with severe pelvic pain that my Gyno believes is pudendal nerve entrapment from a surgery in 2014. With the Cooch Ball I was able to manage the pain (without crying for a change!) until my pain meds kicked in. Thank you SO much for this little blue ball Jana!! I never knew it was going to mean so much to me. Sending you a HUGE hug!!
Melinda R​

The Science: How does the Cooch Ball work?​

You can sit on your ball when you are sitting in a chair, you can sit on your ball on the floor, you can sit on your ball anywhere, really, and all it takes it 3 minutes of your time.

It is easy! All you have to do is sit on the ball for 3 minutes a day. ​


Did you know that the secret to creating healthy pelvic floor muscles is………blood flow!!!.  When you sit and stand with poor posture, you are asking the muscles of your pelvic floor to work hard just to keep you upright!!  This poor posture will then impact circulation and blood flow to the muscles of your pelvic floor.

By sitting on the ball for 3 minutes a day, we are creating a release in the soft tissue of our body, this soft tissue is known as fascia.  When fascia is tight, it sticks to our muscles and surrounds each fibre of muscle and essentially ‘suffocates’ those fibres, leading to dysfunction. It is like not watering a plant, eventually that plant is not going to live – very same concept.

Your 3 minute a day commitment will begin a process that encourages blood flow to the area, essentially ‘waking up’ the muscles and nerves and the first step of being more aware and less disconnected from our body is the goal.

To fast track the improvements in your body, all you need to do is add basic diaphragmatic breathing.  Completely inhaling through your nose and exhaling out of your mouth you will start to organize your breath which actually is what will start to help you strengthen your pelvic floor while the ball is encouraging a release.  It is the perfect storm – a healthy muscle needs to know how to work when necessary and how to rest. The release the ball creates (rest) and the work the diaphragmatic breathing creates (work) is exactly what you need to build strength in your pelvic floor.

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Even More Coochball Experiences..

I have noticed a difference in the urgency when I need to go pee (fewer mad dashes to the bathroom) so fewer dribbles! The other noticeable change is how it is helping my lower back pain. Thanks Jana for showing us how a little ball could make such a difference in our Iives!
Toni D​
I absolutely love my Cooch Ball! I have been using it everyday for the past couple weeks. I have noticed that my low back is more relaxed and my hips are less tight. When I sit a lot I tend to develop sciatic pain. The Cooch Ball is very effective in relieving that discomfort. My whole inner core feels stronger and more functional thanks to the Cooch Ball!
Michelle F​
I am seated for the majority of each day for my job and since beginning this pelvic floor work, I am noticing an improvement in the tightness of both my hips and my low back. I'm interested to see what continued practice might also help me with.
Kate W​
I attended a Pelvic Floor workshop with Jana that promoted improved strength and flexibility of a special group of muscles. Here I was introduced to the Cooch Ball. I brought it to work because I don’t like to work out at home. A few minutes every work day I use the Cooch Ball on my chair while I continue to work at my desk. I can feel the new found strength in my pelvic floor, exactly what I was looking for.
Karen K​
Prior to initiating the use of the Cooch ball my perineal muscles and hip flexors were very tight. I was experiencing intermittent urinary incontinence. Initially it was extremely intense and painful. I could only “sit on it” for about a minute to start. Now I have been able to increase to 3 minutes with substantially less pain. I am experiencing less daily pain and tightness and a decrease in the incontinence. Thank you for such an amazing tool for the pelvic floor.
Leslie F​
As a Pilates Instructor and dance teacher, I won’t be afraid to admit that I have been dealing with some pelvic floor issues lately (and I haven’t even conceived a child!). My issue with my pelvic floor is the urgency to “go” at that moment and I don’t have much time before an accident happens. So, I gave myself 3 weeks everyday on the Cooch ball for 3 minutes as I know that it’s just as important to know how to relax your pelvic floor as it is to strengthen the pelvic floor. I’ve found that releasing my pelvic floor has made my urgency, well, not urgent anymore!
Desiree D​



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Your Cooch Ball Bundle Includes:​