The Scooch Ball will quickly become one of your go-to’s for situations like plantar fasciitis, tired and sore knees, sciatica, smoothing out cellulite and a great boost of youthful blood flow to your face!!

The Scooch Ball was designed to create movement and mobility in your fascia and lymphatic systems. Fascia is the connective tissue that blocks healthy blood flow from traveling through our body which we need to have the energy to live our life to the fullest! Our lymph system is like our body’s garbage disposal system and also requires a healthy flow of blood to function effectively and efficiently getting rid of the toxins that can leave us feeling down and out.

The Scooch Ball comes with a series of videos that will lead you through the correct and most impactful way to use this amazing little ball. This is not like the lacrosse or tennis ball that you may have been using. The Scooch Ball was designed with your body and its tissues in mind!

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Weight 1.10 kg