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The pin can be found by pulling up the pump handle, it is hollow, and then turn it around and you will see the pin hidden there.

The ball should be placed more over the vaginal opening.  It may or may not be near your anus depending on your body.  Think of it being in between your pubic bones and your anus.  You really cannot get it wrong, that is the great news. The ball is designed to impact the entire region.  

After you have had a chance to watch the videos in the Cooch Confident System course to get familiar with filling up your Cooch Ball and how to sit on it, we suggest that you start sitting on your couch or mattress for the first week or so. This is so that you can ensure that you are supported in a safe way when you first are learning about how the Cooch Ball interacts with your body. Do not feel that you need to stay on for the whole 3 minutes, even 15-20 seconds to start is lots. You may feel a slight or an intense ‘ouch factor’ when you sit on your Cooch Ball. As long as you allow your breath to flow freely stay on the ball, if you notice your breath is challenged or you are holding your breath, it is time to come off.

We cannot say with certainty as each body and each woman and each pelvic floor and how consistent their practice is varies. The Cooch Ball experience is customized because we are dealing with the body and the body will respond differently. If you are experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction think of the days, months and years that developed over, we cannot undo that in an instant this is why Jana’s encourages her clients to focus on the process, being consistent each and every day for 3 minutes and the outcomes will follow.

Individual results will vary depending on where your body was at when you started your Cooch Ball journey. We have had women experience improved function after a few weeks, for others it could take much longer. 

One way to know that the health of your pelvic floor tissues is improving is the ‘ouch factor’ that most clients experience when you sit on your Cooch Ball will start to become easier to manage. This will happen when the amount of oxygen-rich, nutrient-rich blood to the area has increased. 

We hope that this gives you the info you were looking for. We highly recommend spending time with the videos in your Create Your Pelvic Floor Upgrade course so that you can refine your diaphragmatic breathing which is key to your Cooch Ball experience. 

When Jana created the Cooch Ball, it was with similar clients in mind.  The pelvic floor (like all other muscles in our body) is meant to work when we need it to and relax when we need it to and we have to ‘work’ at this in order for it to function properly.  Through the educational course called Create Your Pelvic Floor Upgrade that accompanies the Cooch Ball bundle, you will learn how when sitting on the ball and breathing diaphragmatically in a concise and proper manner, tone to the pelvis floor is improved.  Now, can we say that the Cooch Ball experience will reverse the prolapse? Of course we cannot say that with confidence as we do not know where she is starting from, yet, we can say with confidence based on the thousands and thousands of women who we have worked with that when women incorporate the Cooch Ball into their lives on a daily basis, quality of life does improve.

Thank you for reaching out.  Each woman’s body is so different and with 4 stages of prolapse which start at very mild to extremely severe.  The Cooch Ball has been a part of many women’s prolapse improvement journey.  Can the Cooch Ball take a graded 3 prolapse were the bladder or uterus is protruding out of the vagina, no of course not, but what it can do is improve the blood flow to the area so that the progression of the prolapse slows or if pelvic pin up surgery is required, the Cooch Ball can help to ensure that the tissues around the area are ready to be as healthy as possible for post surgery healing.

Posture can be a big contributing factor to pelvic organ prolapse and a consistent Cooch Ball practice can also help with this.  So many ways to improve our wellness from the inside out.

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