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Cooch Ball

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Your Ticket to Pelvic Floor Health!

Black Friday Save 73%

Cooch Ball

Buy 2, Get 1 FREE

Your Ticket to Pelvic Floor Health!

Your Cooch Ball 3 Pack
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This is the perfect three pack to give as a gift during the holidays and/or to prioritize self-care and ensure your well-being even during one of the busiest of times of the year. Empower yourself to maintain pelvic floor wellness, promote vitality and improves blood flow to the entire body which is super important in fighting inflammation, boosting metabolism, and melting stubborn cellulite! 

With just a few minutes a day, this simple and easy-to-use ball becomes your BFF in achieving your wellness goals. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays, your Cooch Ball sessions provide a moment of serenity and self-care, making sure you stay on track with your health journey. This gift set is perfect for that hard to buy person in your life (or for yourself!!) A thoughtful reminder that taking care of yourself is the greatest gift of all, and it’s never been easier or more convenient.


This package comes with the full Cooch Confident System video series…so you know with confidence you are using your Cooch Ball correctly.


It is easy! All you have to do is sit on the ball for 3 minutes a day. ​You can sit on your ball when you are sitting in a chair, you can sit on your ball on the floor, you can sit on your ball anywhere, really, and all it takes it 3 minutes of your time.

Increased Blood Flow​​

Did you know that the secret to creating healthy pelvic floor muscles is………blood flow!!!. When you sit and stand with poor posture, you are asking the muscles of your pelvic floor to work hard just to keep you upright!! This poor posture will then impact circulation and blood flow to the muscles of your pelvic floor.

By sitting on the ball for 3 minutes a day, we are creating a release in the soft tissue of our body, this soft tissue is known as fascia. When fascia is tight, it sticks to our muscles and surrounds each fibre of muscle and essentially ‘suffocates’ those fibres, leading to dysfunction. It is like not watering a plant, eventually that plant is not going to live – very same concept.

It Takes Only 3 Minutes/Day!​

Connect With Your Body​

Your 3 minute a day commitment will begin a process that encourages blood flow to the pelvic floor area, essentially ‘waking up’ the muscles and nerves and the first step of being more aware and less disconnected from our body is the goal.

To fast track the improvements in your body, all you need to do is add basic diaphragmatic breathing. Completely inhaling through your nose and exhaling out of your mouth you will start to organize your breath which actually is what will start to help you strengthen your pelvic floor while the ball is encouraging a release. It is the perfect storm – a healthy muscle needs to know how to work when necessary and how to rest. The release the ball creates (rest) and the work the diaphragmatic breathing creates (work) is exactly what you need to build strength in your pelvic floor.

Fast Track Your Results​

Customers Reviews

Now that I am being consistent on the Gooch Ball and breathing properly, thighs have improved, my core feels stronger and I have improvements with fully emptying my bladder when I urinating, I can tell when I have not done it for a few days and mentally remind myself to get back on it.... I also us my Gooch Ball ball for shoulder and hip releases, and this works great too!
Brian Y
Being on my Gooch Ball also provides me with a few moments of self-reflection. The ball helps focus the mind on the core of your body as well as a mini check-up on what’s happening with the rest of my body. Some people like to meditate. For me, 5 minutes on the Gooch Ball, followed by a moment of feeling the effects of the Gooch Ball, is a reminder to slow down and breathe.
Paul R
I started a routine at bedtime with the Gooch Ball and have consistently kept up with it. The biggest thing I have noticed is how much less bloated I feel and how regular I now am. I have also slept better and felt more relaxed before going to bed each night. Even if you don’t think you have time for this you probably do as most of us are on our phones before bed, so get efficient and Get on the Ball!
Andrew W

You will be supported throughout your journey, beginning with a highly proven process of establishing successful habits and rituals to immerse yourself in self care, building strength, and powerful life intentions.


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Purchase your Cooch Ball below and instantly get access to your courses, to learn how to successfully use your Cooch Ball.


Step Two

Check your inbox to confirm your email to receive ongoing hints, tips, and life strategies for your health and life.


Step Three

Once you receive your Cooch Ball, set aside 3 minutes a day for your Cooch Ball practice.

Your Cooch Ball 3 Pack
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