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Jana and her Team at Cooch Ball are thrilled that you have chosen to join us in educating and inspiring women about their pelvic floor.

We are so grateful to be getting this info to the women (and men) who suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction because we know we have a solution that works.

Plus, we know this funnel is high converting. Over the last seven webinars, conversions to sales were between 7% - 8.5%. It’s a tested and proven funnel that will put money in your bank account. We are tremendously grateful for your support!

Meet Jana Danielson, Founder: Cooch School and Inventor of the Cooch Ball

Hi, it’s Jana Danielson.

I am so thrilled to be connecting with you here.

First of all, I have so much gratitude to you for saying yes to be an affiliate for me, and spreading the word about health from the inside out with the our webinars, programs and of course our world famous Cooch Ball and Gooch Ball.

So whether you yourself are my affiliate partner, or whether you are affiliate manager for one of those partners from the bottom of my heart, thank you, we are going to be getting you an email with access to all of your assets. And, you know, there’s nothing there’s nothing new about the logistical side of this. I just really wanted to thank you. 


This part of health and wellness often isn’t talked about the way I talk about it in the way I talk about it, and then having the football on the goofball to support the education and the inspiration for these men and women who we know and 90% of the cases can be helped from a physical health and wellness fitness perspective, not a medical perspective. So again, thank you so much. I appreciate you and let’s impact this world.

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Jana Danielson
Inventor: Cooch & Gooch Balls
Founder: Lead Pilates & Lead Integrated Health Therapies
Founder: Metta District Online Studio

The Cooch Ball Science

Email: info@mettadistrict.com